What does SMI offer You?

As a company who has been producing wedding videos for over 14 years, we also offer production of multimedia rich Family Biographies, band music videos, conference coverage videos white board videos for marketing, band interviews, family event videos, transfers of 8mm, S8, 16mm film to DVD, video tape transfers and conversions of all kinds, and 35mm slides to DVD. Ohh, we also do audio cassette and open audio reel conversion to CD or MP3.

We do video. We are experts in video related production. Ask what we can do for you. Phone 613 836-1569 or contact me by using the handy contact form below in the footer.

Wedding Video Packages

Are you planning to have a wedding video done here in Ottawa as part of your wedding day events? If so, we can help. We offer many different wedding video packages in which to choose that I’m sure will suite your budget and your expectations. You can review our wedding video packages from our associated web site Ottawa Wedding Videos for a complete description for consideration.

We offer a range of plain to standard video packages, or will produce very comprehensive productions. Your choice.

In addition to our total production packages, we also offer “do it your self” videos or DIY videos for short as well, where we will capture your wedding day event in its entirety, but you will use your editing and production skills to create your own wedding video masterpiece from our comprehensive footage. Unedited raw footage can be supplied on storage media like USB sticks or hard drive.

Do you see a wedding video package that interests you?

We can offer your video in either standard video resolution or fabulous High Definition in 1080p and produce your wedding video to either DVD or to Blu ray disc. Your choice.

We can also customise your video package to include not only the complete ceremony and reception, we offer options like the Bride and/or Groom prep videos (elegant to the funny), nicely paced highlight videos, Bride and Groom Love story videos, Picture Story slideshows, custom music videos and more. Just ask.

Family Biography Video and Auto Biography Multimedia Productions

When thinking about a very special gift for mom and dad or a beloved family member, consider a family or auto biography video commemorating their life’s story on DVD or Blu ray. A comprehensive biography can be made just for you using the magic of old films, photos and sound.

Take advantage of any old 8mm, Super 8 films or 16mm films of a younger mom and dad or even that of their wedding day filmed by a friend way back when and couple it with photos and sounds of the day. It will make for an emotional and memory ladden production. Topping it off, you could personally narrate the video to make it really touch home.

When using the now available powerful multimedia tools and our long established creative skills, a lovely 5 to 15 minute custom video production that will be proudly shown at your special family event like an aniversary or a birthday.

We will provide the guidance and scripts, you provide the media assets and suggestions as to what you want in the final production and we will take it from there. It’s that simple.

We can also offer simpler family memory productions like a slideshow where all we would need is just photos and some idea of the music you would like and that’s it. Pop in the finished DVD or Blu ray disc into its player and enjoy the show right from your TV set.

To get started, just call me at 613 836-1569, or email me your ideas using the convenient Contact form below and we can go from there.

Band Video Production

Putting your band front and center using Youtube or other social media web sites is a great way to promote your bands’ brand and presence in the local music scene. Jazz, grundge, metal, pop, folk or even just plain old rock n roll, a band video is a great idea to get done. Videos provide not only promotional material but will offer great feedback on your stage presence. How do your fans see you? Video will tell no lies on your stage act.

Just doing simple video coverage at one of your gigs of a tune or two, and then editing it to a nicely paced production is all you need to begin the process of getting your name out in your music space. To add spice to your video, photos and interview material can be added. We can offer lots of ideas in creating a video for your band.

We shoot in glorious HD and can add special effects if warranted and EQ your sound before posting. Call me at 613 836-1569 for more information on what is possible and a competitive quote.